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Unlocking opportunity for renters & operators

Our founding story

Several years ago, our founder, Julien Bonneville, moved to New York City searching for an apartment to call home—only to be denied by a number of buildings. Knowing that other applicants shared his struggle, he was determined to get more qualified renters into the home of their dreams, while ensuring protection and growth opportunities for owners and operators.

To make this possible, we’ve combined our expert knowledge in

  • Finance+
  • Tech+
  • Insurance+
  • Real Estate

So renters have more access, operators achieve more growth, and both can maintain a strong, harmonious relationship with each other.

Our Mission

We aim to increase affordability and accessibility for renters who have faced barriers to entry.

  • We are industry innovators and dedicated problem solvers.

  • Our technology acts as a foundation for our very human benefits.

  • We offer the most comprehensive coverage in the space.

  • We are committed to serving renters and operators at every step.

We’re taking renting standards to a whole new level

in rent & deposits covered
participating homes nationwide
owner and operator retention
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Our Team

We’re home to boundary-pushing innovators

We’re remodeling renting as you know it, and we want you to join us.

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