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TheGuarantors offers several products, including Rent Coverage, Deposit Coverage, and Renters Insurance. 

Our Rent Coverage functions as a traditional insurance policy, but the landlord is the beneficiary. The renter buys the policy to qualify to rent an apartment they may not otherwise qualify for, and the policy insures the landlord for the term of the renter's lease.

Instead of leaving a cash security deposit with your landlord, you pay a small non-refundable fee to purchase our Deposit Coverage product. The cost is a fraction of the traditional cash deposit otherwise required by your landlord.

For our Renters Insurance plans, we offer coverage for as low as $13/mo and cover personal property, personal liability, and medical payments.

You can search for buildings that currently work with us at by typing a city or zip code into the "Your Next Building Address" field. Buildings that appear in the drop-down accept TheGuarantors.

If you are searching for properties in the New York City area, you can also download our Google Chrome Extension. After installing the extension to your browser, simply go to and our symbol (a green “G”) will appear next to any rental building that accepts our coverage.

If you would like to apply for a building that is not in our network, the building must first register with TheGuarantors before our team can review your application. Please provide the landlord with the following link so that they can get started with the registration process:

While we cannot guarantee approval for every applicant, we are able to approve a wide variety of applicants, including:

- Non-US citizens or green card holders

- Full-time students

- Renters with no social security number

- Renters with no credit score

- Self-employed renters

- Retired renters

A building, broker, or roommate may email you an invite, or you can apply directly at

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