TheGuarantors felt the love in Philly at NAA Apartmentalize 2024! Our team had an eventful week connecting with industry leaders, spreading the word about our leading rental coverage solutions, and absorbing the latest trends in multifamily. Here’s a sneak peek into our action-packed week at the conference. 

What’s trending in the industry

Every year, NAA provides educational sessions that help multifamily professionals and suppliers stay updated on the latest trends and best practices. Below are some standout sessions and insights we found valuable:

Navigating the new normal in resident screening

This session covered a hot topic in the industry—renter fraud. Speakers from AmRent and Eagle Rock Properties discussed the industry's challenges in navigating new regulations, the importance of slowing down the approval process, and the different types of fraud happening in the industry, like the use of fake pay stubs and credit protection numbers (CPN). 

They also covered new HUD guidance on fair housing and non-discriminatory screening processes, emphasizing the importance of working with trusted partners who can help you stay compliant with laws varying state to state while also mitigating your risk of fraud.

Embracing technology for enhanced operations and efficiency

This year, a key trend has been integrating advanced technology like AI into everyday property management processes. Sessions like "Streamlining the Leasing Process with AI and Modern Technology" illustrated how AI can revolutionize the renting journey, particularly in marketing, leasing, and renewals. 

The use of AI streamlines workflows and helps predict resident behaviors and preferences, which can be crucial in reducing turnover and improving satisfaction.

Combating burnout and addressing mental health 

The "NAA’s Mental and Emotional Health Survey: Needs of Today’s Workforce" session highlighted findings from a mental health survey conducted among industry professionals.  The survey revealed that onsite leasing professionals are impacted the most, with more than 50% reporting some level of distress. The conversation also touched on the impact of mental health on productivity in the workplace and the need to provide resources to help employees improve their mental health. 

In addition, the session "Put out the fire: Stop burning out top performers" provided insights into maintaining employee well-being, highlighting strategies like creating specialized teams that allow team members to play to their strengths.

Live from the expo hall

Our booth was a hub of activity where we educated the industry about TheGuarantors’ ability to serve as a final defense against renter fraud as well as our renters insurance and compliance solutions, including Zero-Gap Renters Insurance. We had plenty of engaging conversations and helped attendees cool off with our signature selfie ice pops. 

Golden hour with TheGuarantors kickoff party 

A major highlight was our kickoff party at Attico Rooftop, featuring stunning views of the Philadelphia skyline at sunset. This event was an excellent opportunity for our team to network with peers, partners, and new friends.

Sponsored in part by Roost, it was a blast bringing industry leaders together for a fun night out that set the tone for a lively conference. 

Closing thoughts

This year’s Apartmentalize was a great success, offering endless opportunities for learning, networking, and fun. Our team left the conference energized and inspired, ready to implement new ideas and continue innovating in the rental coverage space. 

If you didn’t get a chance to meet us at the conference, there’s always time to connect. Book a meeting with our team to learn how we can help you open more doors with less risk.

See you next year in Las Vegas!